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Rebated Pair of Crown Regal 10 Panel Doors                                            Rebated Pair of Trojan Plank & Glazed Doors

2100 x 920 x 40 – Rebated – RH open in first                                             2040 x 820 x 40 – Rebated – RH open in first

3 coats of Sikkens Light Oak included                                                             Special Price $

Special Price $



Rebated Pair of GD-10L Doors with Clear Glass                                          Trojan Java Door with Translucent Laminate Glass

2040 x 720 x 40 – Rebated – RH Open in first                                               2340 x 1200 x 45

Suitable for painting only (discolouration on edge)                                     Special Price $

Special Price $



Framed GD-D5 Door unit         Framed GD-D6 Door unit          Framed GD-P01 Door unit        Framed GD-SLT Door unit

Price from $                                  Price from $                                   Price from $                                 Price from $

***All units can be made to suit your size, choice of glass in sidelight, choice of door.