Sikkens Wood Finishes

So what the dickens is Sikkens?
Why?… because Sikkens wood finishes transparent exterior coatings are especially formulated to the highest standards to decorate as well as protect.The name and its success with quality coatings goes back more than two centuries.

The use of wood as an outside building material requires the strong water repelency and breathing charactaristics that are unique to Sikkens systems. The system is able to accommodate the natural movement of the wood caused by humidity and temperature fluctuations ensuring excellent adhesion and elasticity.

Conventional finishes provide a ‘closed’ film which forms, in time, a hard inflexible surface. This film is subject to cracking, blistering and peeling due to the exposure to the sun’s ultra violet light and continuous cycles of wet and dry.

Sikkens wood coatings is the choice of the astute painter and decorator and most recommended for doors and any other timber where a superior finish is required.

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