Replacement Timber Blades

If you have existing louvres with timber blades, and find yourself needing to replace some of the timber blades, we can help!  We can supply a range of different timber profiles to fit your existing louvre galleries.

Available in:

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Rosewood

Because there is a few different brands/profiles of timber louvres, the best way for us to be able to help with pricing and ordering is for us to see the profile and take some measurements off your existing blades.  If you are unable to bring a blade into the store, you can simply send us a couple of photos and measurements.

To do this, you will need to remove a blade from the window, take a photo looking from the end of the blade, and then take the measurements of the length and width of the blade.

Please call us if you need any assistance with this on 07 4772 2936.  Photos and measurements can be emailed to


You can later choose whether you want a quote, or if you place a firm order.