Flush Smooth/Woodgrain Black

Flush Smooth Black

Stylish Black Door Range in Flush Smooth or Woodgrain

These doors have steel internal framing, allowing the door to be painted black or other dark colours without the risk of the door bowing, or warping and without voiding warranty

  • Smooth paint grade face
  • Can be trimmed up to 12mm on all sides
  • Can be trimmed to size and suitable for most hardware
  • Lead time approx 1-2 weeks – some sizes kept in stock

Available sizes:

2040 x 820 x 35**

2040 x 520/620/720/770/820/870 x 35

2040 x 920/1000/1100/1200 x 35

2100 x 820/920 x 35

2040 x 770/820/870 x 40

920/1000/1020/1100/1200  x 40

2100 x 820/920 x 40

2340 x 770/820/920/1000/1020/1200 x 40

Prices start from $785* including GST

*No painting, staining, hardware, framing, delivery to site or installation included in prices

**Denotes sizes available at price listed above.

Other sizes $POA.


You can later choose whether you want a quote, or if you place a firm order.

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