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Internal Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters offer an elegant and functional window covering that shields your interior living spaces from the heat and sun while allowing control of natural ventilation from the outside environment.

Our Shutters are custom made to your requirements, Harvest Plantations Shutters are individually made to fit any window, door or partition opening. They can operate by folding, sliding, hinging or simply stay static to fill a wall void between rooms.

By offering a range of colours, louver sizes and frame options, Harvest Plantation shutters provide the complete window and door covering solution for any home, resort, office or commercial interior space.

Engineered Timber Shutters

The Engineered Timber shutter are our most popular, it is the most cost effective and is part of what we call the new technology range. This shutter is made out of laminated timber and medium density fiberboard which produces one of the most stable shutters available

Western Red Cedar Shutters

Western Red Cedar – Or more commonly known as WRC. This is a plantation timber of very high quality and is usually finished in a clear lacquer. A natural characteristic of WRC is extreme colour variation from light to dark. We factory select and sort the timber colours for consistency This still allows for some colour variation but not to the natural extremes of the light to the dark. By sorting colour and selecting the WRC we able to offer two options, a shutter with light to medium colour tones or medium to dark colour tones.



External Aluminium Shutters