Let’s talk about keeping your cool

9th October 2018

Types of Sliding Door and Bi-Folding Doors

Many homes in Queensland are build to have lovely open plan living, during Autumn and Spring we have perfect weather and get amazing breeze through our homes, but what happens during summer?  Do you have the ability to close off areas in your home to run the air conditioner during summer, without losing that nice cool air into other spaces that do not require the air con? Summer is upon us again, and energy cost are on the rise again, finding a way to contain that cool air is on the minds of many.  Never fear though, we have a few solutions for you……

1. Cavity Sliding Door

Cavity Sliding Door

If you are building a brand new home, or renovating you have the ability to put a cavity unit in your plans.  Cavity sliding doors slide right back into the walls of your house. This style of door does not require any space to operate, and when they are not being used, they are tucked away out of sight.  Any door can be used in a cavity slider, as long as the cavity housing is made to suit.

2. Face Sliding Door

Face Sliding Door

Another sliding door solution, this time for existing homes that cannot accommodate a cavity slider.  These doors slide over your existing wall on a track.  Again, any door can be used as long as the track and wheel system being used can carry the weight.  See our selection of Sliding Door Hardware

3. Bifold/Multifold doors

Bifold doors Multi Bifold Doors

Folding doors are a great way to close off an area where you don’t have room to slide a door.  Depending on the size of the opening, there may be limited choice in the style of door panels that can be used.  You may like to have glass to let light through, or privacy glass, or no glass at all.  There are so many options! See our selection of Folding Door Hardware

4. Lotus Vinylcloth Concertina Door

Lotus Vinylcloth Concertina Door

These doors are great for odd sized spaces, with no room to operate hinged or folding doors that protrude from the opening.  These doors fold and stack within the door jamb, meaning no obstructions outside the doorway.  Lotus Doors are all made to the exact size and requirement that you need and come in different coloured vinylcloth that is easy to keep clean and simple to operate. See more information here Lotus Doors

5. Lotus Timberline Concertina Door

Lotus Timberline Concertina Door

Another folding door suitable for any space, made to the required size and configuration required.  This style of door is made from Laminated 12mm thick board, hinged together with UV stable PVC hinge strips, and carried on a wheel and track system specifically designed to operate smoothly and click back to hold open when not in use.  See more information here Lotus Doors

6. Lotus Folding Door with Windows

Lotus Folding Door with Windows

This door offers solutions to so many problems.  It can operate within the door jamb, can be made to any size required and also has the added feature of clear Perspex windows to allow light and view through, while confining your cool air to the space you want it in.  Like the Lotus Timberline door, this one also operates on a wheel and track system, and has the hold back feature as well.  See more information here Lotus Doors

All of the options above can help confine your cool air to the area you want it in, but allow you to open up those areas when not in use.